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Music Auditions: Tythegiant - Hip Hop - Washington, USA | SRL Auditions

12-01-2020 21:44 GMT

Hip Hop Music Artist
Washington, USA


Growing up with a mix cultured family in Spanaway, Wa, I have raised into alot of music such as Soul, Gospel, R&B, along with discovering rap on my own. I have been writing and making music Since i was 16 with the inspirations such as Kanye, Chance the rapper, Lupe Fiasco, T.I., and many other artists. i never really dove into music fully until I lost many family members and friends in my life due to disease and drug use. it was then when i took time to evaluate what i really wanted in life, Music. When i turned 18 i decided to move away from soundcloud and started learning how to produce beats on my own. ever since then I have done all my work by hand and moved over to streaming services with the release of my first profitable single, Plague. from then on out i released my third and final mixtape, "Summer's End". though it may not be the best work, it was the first project that i did from complete scratch. now since then, I have been to work on my upcoming EP " Vacation Getaway" coming late January and my first debut albukm "Give me Guidance" with a date that is TBD.





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