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Music Auditions: Maxwell Kern - Country - Wyoming, USA | Music Discovery XO


18-07-2020 01:13 GMT

Maxwell Kern
Country Music Artist
Wyoming, USA


My name is Max Kern. I grew up in New York City and spent my time playing sports and exploring the bars and restaurants of New York. When I was eighteen I went off to college at the University of Colorado. About a month into school I had a bit of a crisis of faith. I had come to this university to party and maybe even be in a fraternity, but suddenly I found that so unfulfilling. One day in October of 2018 I went to a thrift shop and bought a shitty guitar for ten bucks. Within no time I was writing songs, and they have kept coming ever since. I Went from not being able to strum a G chord to now, not even two years after getting that guitar, having written over thirty songs, and being able to play almost any song I hear. Six months ago I left university and decided to go for my music career. Since, I have been based in Jackson, Wy where my parents and beautiful girlfriend now call home.

Career Goals | Objectives:

To book gigs and grow my fanbase.

Musical Instruments | Studio Equipment:

Electric guitar, tube amp, Mic, amp, bass, acoustic guitar.

Influences | Sounds Like:

Generally people say my songwriting reminds them of Bob Dylan, and similar artists. People also compare me to Willie Nelson, Neil Young, The Pixies, The Arctic Monkeys, Blur and Toby Keith.




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