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Music Auditions: Prodigi - Hip Hop - Arizona, USA | SRL Auditions

12-01-2020 21:32 GMT

Music Audition. Discover Hip Hop music, stream free and download songs & albums, watch music videos and explore Arizona's independent/emerging music scene with Prodigi
Music by Prodigi on YouTube | Soundcloud

Hip Hop Music Artist
Arizona, USA


Hi my name is PRODIGI. I started making music when I was 16 because I was always writing poetry since I started middle school. Since then my music has evolved from me being just a rapper to an artist with many different sounds and genres in my music. I make music about me and all the trials/tribulations that I’ve went through in my life. I pride myself on being brutally honest and holding nothing back in my music, making it raw and one of a kind. I use making music as therapy for me and a way to open up about the feelings and thoughts inside me...this is the only way I express my true self. My music is a journey into my mind. My music is unique because I speak about my life stories and things happening in my life paired with my melodic sound and variation of genres to choose from. My goal in music is to make all kinds of sounds and genres, become an artist who can truly make any type of music.





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