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Music Auditions: Les Haze - Hip Hop - Virginia, USA | SRL Auditions

08-01-2020 02:09 GMT

Les Haze
Hip Hop Music Artist
Virginia, USA


Home grown in Northern Virginia, Les Haze was shaped by DMV culture and a passion fueled by music. At age 14, he banded together a few friends through the internet and started his first collective group Rainy Dayz, which went on to become Team Tribe as we know it today. He began writing music and producing his own beats on an iPad. After a year of development, Les Haze traded a pair of headphones and $80 for his first microphone and interface. First influenced by the likes of Nas, MF DOOM, and Mobb Deep, Les originally had a grimey, 90s NY sound. He dropped his first song "Hands Up" in 2016 with massive positive support from his peers. He followed up with a few singles and in February of the following year, dropped his first mixtape titled "Lofi Love". He mixed and mastered all of the tracks, including the vocals of two artists featured on the mixtape, Hoobear and NUDEBOY (formerly known as Satisfaction). However, this project gained negative reception and Les Haze took some time off with his music, focusing on mainly beats during this time. In 2018, Les Haze had entirely switched up his sound with something darker. A definite 360 from his original work, he dropped his first single in a year titled "Purple Fanta". The new sound was unforgiving and rambunctious and filled with flashy lyrics atop dark trap instrumentals. He then released his first beat tape "From the Front Seat", which meshed his old boom bap sound with heavy 808s and hi hats. Since then, Les Haze has been dropping singles, all self mixed and written. He is planning to release his first music video sometime soon and is planning on pushing his beat work and having more artists use his instrumentals. Currently, you can stream all of his singles on soundcloud; other platforms will be made available soon.




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