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Music Auditions: W.E.G - Desborough, UK | SRL Auditions

08-01-2020 01:50 GMT

Genre Music Artist
Desborough, UK


I am W.E.G granted its a play on my nickname which is Weg (like a potato) but the ""artisty"" bit comes when i say that W.E.G means...With.Every.Genre I'm 25 year old, male whose life revolves around music, I DJ, Rap, Sing and write for my head and my heart, just need to nail the wallet game so I can live via music rather than surviving via lackluster jobs! But aside from music, I play basketball and snowboard, work as much as i can to buy music to mix with and equipment. Had a few lucky breaks that have helped me with my unlucky breaks but the big one is needed to tip the scale!



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