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Music Auditions: Sara Leoncini - Classical - Ravenna, Italy | Music Discovery XO


01-06-2020 16:03 GMT

Sara Leoncini
Classical Music Composer
Ravenna, Italy


Born in a big italian city, Bologna, grow up in the countryside where still i live after 26 years spent in big cities to became a good doctor. I worked in hospital for 20 years and now i left for homeapathy as free professionist.

Career Goals | Objectives:

to sell more records, i stop to pubblish because i sell very few and i was in red. I think a manager would not be a bad idea, but i have no money to pay him!

Music Education | Training | Qualifications:

Yes, of course, privatly. I have got a degree in musical theory

Musical Instruments | Studio Equipment:

a blue ink pen possibly and music paper, no home studio, my vertical piano and my streight flute, my self.

Influences | Sounds Like:

in the classical division as new talented composer, shubert is my prefer composer within J.S.Bach





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