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Help George Hodos To Top The Billboard Charts Again | Independent Artist Auditions 2023




08-03-2023 19:39 GMT

Music Audition. Discover Pop music, stream free and download songs & albums, watch music videos and explore California's independent/emerging music scene with George Hodos
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George Hodos

Pop Music Artist
California, USA

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"I want to top the Billboard Charts again. "

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In one of his latest interviews with American Women’s magazine, Russian-American singer George Hodos said he did not choose music. Music chose him. When George was just a couple of months old, his mother noticed that he became reticent when he heard music. She intentionally played different genres and styles around the house, observing his reaction. The record of Maria Callas Vissi d’arte (Puccini, Tosca) met the most of his naive admirations. Since then, George has refused to fall asleep without listening to this beautiful musical piece.

At the age of 6, George became well-known in his town as a singing prodigy. He took his first steps into the spotlight when he starred in the musical Oh Painful. Later, George went to the children’s opera The Garden, which toured throughout Russia. Through George’s performance on stage, George’s voice caught the attention of his peers. He was granted several scholarships to attend a school of art Spring that he graduated at the top of his class with honor.

George continued polishing his vocal gift in Russia's highest regarded music academy called The Russian Academy of Theatre Arts. Soon, he signed his first recording contract with the legendary Russian music record company “Mirage Music." It opened doors to his most fantastic dreams and a professional career in music. George collaborated with the best professionals in the industry. He completed his work with the debut album The Voice in New York City and shot the video for the single Where Do I Go? in Paris. The single “Where Do I Go” skyrocketed to the top of the charts landing George in Radio, VH1, and Musicbox as well as on several magazine covers including “Entertainment Weekly," MK Magazine’s, and “Top 5 0 Men of the year”. George also landed a feature spread in Playboy Magazine that spotlighted his sultry sounds and good looks.

The next goal was reaching the U.S. market. He recorded an adult contemporary R&B single, Just a Man, his first stateside release, with Universal's division “Dauman Music," where George teamed up with world rap star Snoop Dogg. The single was at the top 40 of Billboard charts for 10 weeks. George permanently moved to Hollywood. American press enthusiastically welcomed George Hodos as Russian show business to the Western show business calling him The Siberian Prince. To support his single, he opened up for such established R&B stars as Genuine and Ameri. Later, George continued to master his performance skills in contemporary R&B style and released his first international album, “Compelled," with German publishing company Chubb Records in 2018.

For the last three years, George Hodos took a break from the music career to complete his Ph.D. degree in Psychology. However, the love for singing was never gone in his heart. During these 3 years, George has been working in the studio and recorded new materials in collaboration with Russian singer and vocal stylist Natasha Ortnik. In April 2021, George released a new single, Spirit with Chubb Records, a message of love to the world shacked with fears and uncertainty from the global pandemic. On September 9th, 2022, George Hodos released a new album Brand Name Man. The brilliant collection of elegant modern songs reflects the personal philosophy and experience of sophisticated gentlemen who are regularly compared to the most prominent legends of the past, such as Michael Jackson (“The King of Pop”) and George Michael .

P.S. Currently, George Hodos is finishing his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology. His doctoral dissertation is an example of perfect bound of art and science. The new album of George Brand Name Man was a part of data collection for his doctoral research.

Career Goals | Objectives:

I was in 25-top Billboard Charts 12 years ago and would like to make it again.

Music Education | Training | Qualifications:

Yes, I do.

Influences | Sounds Like:

George Michael, Ne-Yo, Michael Jackson.

Live Performance History | Residencies | Touring Experience:

Yes, I do. I recently had 4 promo shows for my new album in Germny and Russia. But I prefer a studio work.



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