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Music Auditions: EgoB - Electronic - Eksaarde, Belgium | Music Discovery XO




30-03-2022 22:13 GMT


Electronic Music Artist
Eksaarde, Belgium

Current Score: ★☆☆☆☆ ☆☆


Eclectic experimental electronic dance music, that is how seasoned Belgian multi-instrumentalist -=EgoB=- describes his latest venture. This unique blend combines lo fi hip hop with musical themes and crosses psychobilly with trip hop. -=EgoB=- releases at least one single a month and is available for DJ sets and live performances. -=EgoB=- has been active in the music scene for over twenty years, mainly doing DJ sets in Belgium and the UK. During COVID-19 lockdown, he started writing his own tunes, collaborating with other indie artists, and releasing his art on YouTube and Spotify. Besides his own creations, he also makes remixes of the artists he likes, playing all instruments including guitar, keyboards and drums, while also occasionally singing. The music by -=EgoB=- is mainly instrumental, except for the occasional sampled voices or his 5-year-old daughter joining in. -=EgoB=- counts on the vibe and the atmosphere of his music to let each listener detect their personal message, rather than influencing them by lyrics. -=EgoB=- finds his inspiration for the music in whatever surrounds him. Going out for a run and hearing water being pumped up may incite him to make a sample of the sound and reuse in his songs. Using low-cost equipment, -=EgoB=- wants to prove you don’t need expensive gear to get an audience excited on the dance floor.

Musical Instruments | Studio Equipment:

Used Hardware: Roland SP 808 Roland MC 303 Novation Impulse 49 AKAI MPX16 Serato Pioneer DJ Behringer HDS 110 favourite plugins: - sakura - addictive keys - gross beat - infiltrator - ctulhu - morphine

Influences | Sounds Like:

aphex twin - skrillex







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