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Music Auditions: Davide Salatino - Dance - Luxembourg, Luxembourg | Music Discovery XO




04-04-2022 18:32 GMT

Davide Salatino

Dance Music Producer
Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Current Score: ★★★☆☆ ☆☆


Salatino Davide is an up-and-coming force in the world of Dance, Soul, and R&B music. A multi-genre eclectic talent, the budding artist is swiftly making a name for himself in the music industry. Born in June 1975, Salatino Davide’s blazing passion for music was the result of listening to radio and falling in love with the rich and riveting sounds of 70s and 80s Italian music. Switching his time between his studies and the local radio station, the rising artist continued to evolve and grow his distinct styles in numerous genres such as Electronic, Rap and R&B music.

A prolific songwriter, Salatino Davide spent considerable time and effort, devoted to music programming during afternoons. He also began to hone his instrumental skills, independently working on instrumentals in his garage, and soon began performing in live settings and gigs. Showcasing his sheer brilliance in Soul and Hip-Hop music through captivating and enthralling performances at birthdays, weddings, and private parties, Salatino Davide has continued to rise. In the 2000s, Salatino Davide had his debut performance in Italian nightclubs, working next to reputable DJs and amazing audiences. Soon after, the budding singer moved to Luxembourg, where he was able to try his hand as a DJ at Velvet Club, Bugatti Club, and Calipso Club in the city. Davide then collaborated on numerous acts with Radio Latina Luxembourg as a DJ, producing enriching musical compositions. His single "Can You feel Stop", was inspired by a Rave Party cassette of 1995, which influenced him to opt for a fun and unique nostalgic vibe, imbued within Pop music. Salatino Davide is also piqued by remixes and has made an exciting remix for Post Malone’s single “Rockstar”, motivated by the original track. This was followed up by “Bird”, which pays homage to his Italian roots, and Dance inspirations.

A remarkable artist and instrumentalist, the electric musician and artist has crafted for himself a stellar discography, which includes records such as “YOUTH”, “WARM UP”, and “WAVES”. Salatino Davide believes his unique views of musical expression set him apart from other artists, and he intends to continue producing and releasing refreshing singles for people, continuing his passion.

Career Goals | Objectives:

to sell more records, promote more music





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