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Music Auditions: Vasko Serminov - Experimental - Skopje, North Macedonia | Music Discovery XO


27-04-2021 11:33 GMT

Vasko Serminov
Experimental Music Composer
Skopje, North Macedonia


Vasko Serafimov Born 28.08.1966 in Skopje, Macedonia. First contact with music in his very early childhood, listening to his older brother's Venko musical influences. Vasko is in the moment releasing his fourth solo album with Zoran Kazakov. Previous albums: „Brainstorming“, „Here“ , and „ Welcome“. Appearing as guests on these albums are a number of famous balkan musicians. His very specific electronic music sense also took place as a co-author in the collaborations on Kiro Urdin's films - „Planetarium“ (also a ballet performance by Debbie Wilson) and „Fire and Water“ (many times internationally awarded Grand Prix films). Also had done music for theatre and TV media. Lives and works in Skopje, North Macedonia.

Career Goals | Objectives:

to get more fans / to sell more records




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