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Music Auditions: The Voodoo Kings - Rock - Colorado, USA | Music Discovery XO




02-02-2022 23:33 GMT

Rock Music Band
Colorado, USA

Current Score: ★★☆☆☆ ☆☆


The Voodoo Kings believe in rock n’roll. They believe in it like the pulsing of a thumping bass line, the heartbeat of the rhythm section and the crunch of dirty guitars. They believe there is no substitution for two guitars, a driving bass, and banging drums. Just four musicians on stage who know what they’re doing, and crushing it whenever they can. Michael Kranicke, founder of the Voodoo Kings, grew up surrounded by the greatest Chicago bluesmen, thanks to his dad’s record player. Muddy Waters and Buddy Guy taught him the blues, and later Keith Richards and Stevie Ray Vaughan taught him how to turn those blues into a rock-fueled epiphany. Going out to shows will always be the thing to do, the place where the party is. That sense of purpose and energy is what the Voodoo Kings channel into their songwriting and performance for their audience. For over twenty years, the Voodoo Kings have been bringing the party to audiences around the country. The band is all about sending out that beautiful energy, and getting it right back from the audience. It’s that organic feedback loop, that connection between the music and your body moving, that fuels the soul of this band and keeps them coming back for more. Their latest release, Faith & Whiskey, is lovingly named after the two things that keep Michael going in the music world. From the kicking rhythm section to spirited guitar riffs and four part Americana harmonies, this is about celebrating what makes rock’n’roll the pure art it is. Faith & Whiskey is an album with a little bit of Beatles, a touch of Tom Petty, and some whispers from Merle Haggard. It’s a fast-paced, headlong trip through our country’s love affair with Rock. Several Voodoo Kings singles have found their way onto the silver screen. The single “When I See Her” from their album American Lights was featured in the movie Deal, starring Burt Reynolds. And two songs from their album Mileage, “It’s All Right”and “Strong Will Survive” were used on the Canadian TV series, Dark Rising - Warrior of Worlds. Experience exactly what a rock show should be, every time. No noodling or dead air allowed. The Voodoo Kings will give you a reason to fall in love with rock’n’roll all over again. You can find the Voodoo Kings music available for licensing with these companies: Atrium Music, Working Brilliantly, Music Supervisor

Career Goals | Objectives:

To reach as many fans as possible and connect with them through music, video and social media.

To have an organic connection between the fans and the music.

Music Education | Training | Qualifications:

Bachelor of Music~ Berklee College of Music

Musical Instruments | Studio Equipment:

Pro Tools, Focusrite pre amps, Abelton Live, Marhsall and Fender Amps, Fender & Gibson Guitars, Taylor Acoustic Guitars, numerous pedals, AKG Microphones, Neuman Mics, Shure Mics etc

Influences | Sounds Like:

Tom Petty, The Wallflowers, Counting Crowes,

Live Performance History | Residencies | Touring Experience:

Covid Covid Covid....Not many shows. 2 last year.





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