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Music Auditions: Nana Motobi - Hip Hop - Trentino, Italy | Music Discovery XO




02-02-2022 22:53 GMT

Hip Hop Music Artist
Trentino, Italy


Nana Kofi Osei, aka “Nana Motobi” is a Ghanaian producer, rapper and founder of Abe pe show, a music production house based in Italy. He has been active on the international scene with his productions ranging from rap, afrobeat and hiplife. He is recognizable for his flow and explosive energy on stage. Nana Motobi began as a teenager to compose his own rhymes and has collaborated with various artists first in Ghana, then in Trentino where he has been living since 2007. Driven by the desire to produce his own tracks and songs, he specializes in Music Production and in 2016 he founded his music production house Abepeshow. The first album produced is Welcome to Europe in 2018 where it tells the journey and the illusion of many brothers towards Europe; follows Turn Up in 2020 a record that saw the participation of 16 international artists from 9 countries. He was the executive producer of this mega project. Earlier in 2021 he dropped his single “Paper” which got reviews from famous blogs like anr factory and radio time from Nam radio and CBN radio in the Caribbean. His new project is Mic & Beat, released on the 3rd october 2021 is an album that aims to promote the platform “mic&beat” which will be an online space dedicated to the connection of artists, products and services for the growth and recognition of the hip hop, afrobeat, afro trap, drum & bass, dancehall and many genres under the category where one needs a mic and a beat to express him/herself. Mic & Beat link: “Not my cool, not your cool everybody fighting Taekwondo” Nana Motobi His latest album; “mic & beat” apart from taking a social cause going all the way to promote the mic & beat portal yet to be released to the general public , is an album which takes a deep look into sacrifices one has to make in order to be successful in his/her day to day activities.

Career Goals | Objectives:

Have more shows, more fans , sell more records, connect with industry players

Musical Instruments | Studio Equipment:

I use an Antelope discrete 8, Hafler TRM 8 monitors and Bitwig studio 4. I love the Arturia Keylab Essential 61

Influences | Sounds Like:

Shatta Wale, M.anifest , Reggie & zippy , Method man

Live Performance History | Residencies | Touring Experience:






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