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Music Auditions: Teo V - Hip Hop - Georgia, USA | Music Discovery XO


14-06-2021 19:41 GMT

Teo V
Hip Hop Music Artist
Georgia, USA

Current Score: ★★★☆☆ ☆☆


The name comes from Mateo which is Matthew my bro would call me Teo and Teo V so it stuck

We have so much more to offer than what we are giving. If we’re honest, we get scared. Afraid. Other peoples opinions. The reasoning for that I don’t think any of us will ever know. Let that go along with any worry and let God. Its way easier and always produces fruit. However, I’m not asking that you believe me. We are entitled to our own beliefs. This just works for me and others that I have seen in my life that adopted the same philosophy on life.

I strive from development and growing from those who surround me. Thank you to my beautiful bride, Taylor. She is such a huge factor just after God. I follow Jesus and Trust God with all my steps. I'm eager to make an impact on our Saviors accord.




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