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Bedroom Musician Producing With Cool Edit Pro, FL Studio, Propellorhead Reason


04-06-2021 19:09 GMT

Music Audition. Discover Electronic music, stream free and download songs & albums, watch music videos and explore Ontario's independent/emerging music scene with Chronamut
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Electronic Music Artist
Ontario, Canada

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I am a musician and an artist - I started on a site called newgrounds long before anything like spotify or youtube existed and got really big there with my ambient/edm/classical/vgm music - between showing my artwork at shows and galleries and slowly building my music presence online I have always been doing something creative. I have had a bit of a hard life so a lot of my music is more on the soothing side as it helps me relax to listen to it. I also love video game music, especially the old commodore and atari pure 8-bit so that often weaves its way into my music - and I also love videogame music - so originals covers and remixes of that abound as I love instrumentation - I also occasionally do more classical pieces like piano solos - I am kind of a jack of all trades. I am the type of person that starts with an idea, goes with it, and then decides what genre to slap on it after. I have been compared to an eclectic musician who blends many different types of genres together, I just love to create! I tend to multitask a lot - I work on many things not just music so I tend to focus on one thing for a time, then shift to another. Thus I am not looking for a label - I have my own independent one - I am just looking for more people to see my work as I slowly push it out, as my music schedule is not consistent in any way, geared more around when I have time between other projects. Google chronamut or shawn dall to find anything on me! :)

Career Goals | Objectives:

Mainly just to get more fans and streams on my spotify - it literally accounts for 75% of my music revenue. Any streams or downloads on any other online stores is a plus too. I do a lot of things so music is just one of them so I am mostly remastering all my old music right now and slowly putting it all up - I have been making music since 2003 and have over 350 songs, so it's a process. I also do art so my time is split between the two mainly.

Music Education | Training | Qualifications:

I do not.

Musical Instruments | Studio Equipment:

I am a bedroom musician - I use cool edit pro / fl studio and propellorhead reason and an army of soundbanks or just things I randomly manipulate into what I need for sounds.

Influences | Sounds Like:

well I started on newgrounds, so one could compare me to artist sthere like Paragonx9, xkore, f-777, B0UNC3, skymarshall irl artists perhaps Nobuo the composer for final fantasy, as I do a lot of videogame music too, kraftwerk for more edm stuff, as well as other edm bands from the 90s, I don't know if I cna pin myself down to any one artist, robert miles I suppose would be another one, a lot of my music has an ambient calming element to it even if it is edm

Live Performance History | Residencies | Touring Experience:

I do not perform live





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