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Music Auditions: HoezB - Metal - Texas, USA | Music Discovery XO

08-03-2020 21:47 GMT

Metal Music Artist
Texas, USA


I come from a family of athletes, with no parents just me and my sisters so i got a lot of bullshit for wanting to play the guitar or drums. My legal guardian wanted me to do sports or go to the army. My uncle who called me HoezB when i was a kid showed me all types of music by Linkin Park, 112, KISS, DMX, Blink-182, 50 Cent, Bon Jovi, Boys 2 Men etc. I would take his ipod and listen to everything. My legal gaurdian died so i had to go to a new family. But this family actually encouraged me to pursue music, yea they told me i sucked at singing but they never said I couldnt make it. They bought me my first guitar and many more instruments. I always felt like I was made to make music I was just too focused on my image then my craft. My roommate and best friend encourages me to not worry about what others think about you but just do whats feels good and genuine. Ever since then ive been learning there is to know about being a producer and sound engineer, but also a rapper, singer, song writer, drummer, etc. If music is involved i wanna know everything there is to know about it no excuses. But yea plan on creating my own label my own producution company my own radio station and my own channel. No excuses.





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