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Music Auditions: Clastro - Electronic - Be'er Ya'akov, Israel | SRL Auditions

23-02-2020 18:39 GMT

Electronic Music Artist
Be'er Ya'akov, Israel


I'm 19 years old, in the EDM scene since 2012. Martin Garrix was my biggest influence. In 2016 I've started to produce my own music in FL Studio. I learned from experience, read a a lot and met with other professionals producers. I have been mainly producing Progressive House but never publishing it, until August 2019, when I understood that the world is filled with House music. My biggest passion was ILLENIUM. His music really touched me and I've decided to be unique as him. I started to produce Future Bass, and currently I've realised 6 Songs. My singers are in their ~18 and they learn voice development, but they have never record or realised a single. In conclusion, I am really enjoying music, I love it more then everything. And, I make music for the soul, not for the money.





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