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Music Auditions: Ryan Song - R&B - Amsterdam, Netherlands | SRL Auditions

23-02-2020 17:16 GMT

Music Audition. Discover R&B music, stream free and download songs & albums, watch music videos and explore Amsterdam's independent/emerging music scene with Ryan Song
Music by Ryan Song on YouTube | Soundcloud

Ryan Song
R&B Music Artist
Amsterdam, Netherlands


Ryan Song (Shuang Song) is a 25 year old Independent Singer/Songwriter who originally comes from China. After Ryan finished his bachelor of music in China, he came to the Netherlands to search for more opportunities. During his first years in the Netherlands, his style of music started developing towards Electronic pop and soulful R&B as it sounds like today. In the debut album, Ryan collaborated with many talented musicians such as the Dutch producer WinWel, German indie rocker Ronja Maltzahn and Dutch Guitarist Jesse Smit. Some of the tracks on the album have already been released and received a great amount of positive support and attention worldwide. Ryan has made his speech through his debut album "I'm Not Your Type", and he is ready to be heard by the world. And yet, it is just the start of his music career, more music is coming in 2020! Ready for more groovy vibe music!





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