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Music Auditions: Lightune - Electronic - Zilina, Slovakia | SRL Auditions

13-01-2020 22:34 GMT

Music Audition. Discover Electronic music, stream free and download songs & albums, watch music videos and explore Zilina's independent/emerging music scene with Lightune
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Electronic Music Producer
Zilina, Slovakia


Project Lightune is directed by Miroslav Valovic, who has been in music production in the last 25 years. In 1995 Miroslav established a dancefloor music band ON THE WAY, that subsequently dominated local radio charts. In the years 1997-1998 he has been working as a professional sound engineer in a recording studio EMA Records, where he also took part in countless motion picture score productions. After having left EMA, Miroslav established a recording studio of his own. In 2003, LIGHTUNE concept was created. Later, he co-produced an ethno-pop music album EXOTERIKA, with lead vocals being sung by former leader of the group ON THE WAY (Miro Jaros), which was released by SONY BMG in 2005. Miroslav is also an author of motion picture music, advertising and short video music for company CTECH, based in Prague, Czech Republic. In 2007, Miroslav premiered his first instrumental album in a form of multimedia project ODE, and seven years later, in collaboration with profesional singers, Omnia choir and Slovak Sinfonietta, he released his album SVET CO PRICHADZA. Miroslav is currently involved in a number of musical projects of various genres, from simple tunes to ambient/synth compositions.





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