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Music Auditions: Caza YP - Reggaeton - New York, USA | SRL Auditions

13-01-2020 19:57 GMT

Caza YP
Reggaeton Music Artist
New York, USA


My name is CAZA YP been making music for about 2 years or so, recently Akon redhead out to me and offered me a deal. Have kind of good relations with him. I just finished shooting my music video just waiting for it to get edited it. It will be released on all streaming platforms. Im looking for a dedicated team around me so we can work together and push my craft to the next level. I understand marketing and the entertainment business and I am not boring. I been around a couple celebs and now I believe its my turn but I want to do it right with the right team. Latin music is booming right now it's only going to get bigger and bigger, but there's not a lot of bilingual latin artists right now with charisma AND originality. It could be groundbreaking. I have a plan




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