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Music Auditions: Coldest Killer - Hip Hop - London, UK | SRL Auditions

08-01-2020 17:56 GMT

Coldest Killer
Hip Hop Music Artist
London, UK


Multi-talented Artist from the South East of England. Specialising in an array of different genres, including: Trap; Hip-Hop; Grime and Rap. From a very young age, Coldest Killer has shown a huge interest in Rap genres and started to make his own music once he got into his teens. After his first few amateur Rap releases he then gradually fell in love with UK Grime Music and this is also the time when he decided to take his music career seriously and make it one of the main aspects of his life and public image. Forward on a few years and DEADBOY (aka Coldest Killer) began to finally find himself and understand who he is as a Person and Artist. He started to listen to all kinds of genres rather than just Grime 24/7. This then caused him to experiment with all different types of music and drastically develop as a professional Artist and Musician. Instagram being his main platform of promotion is also how he is gaining most of his attention, slowly but surely "CK" is increasing the small amount of fans he currently has.




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