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Music Auditions: Raa Medulla - Hip Hop - Florida, USA | SRL Auditions

03-01-2020 15:12 GMT

Music Audition. Discover Hip Hop music, stream free and download songs & albums, watch music videos and explore Florida's independent/emerging music scene with Raa Medulla
Music by Raa Medulla on YouTube | Soundcloud

Raa Medulla
Hip Hop Music Artist
Florida, USA


My story started in Jamaica on 05/14/1996, as a young boy I fell in love with the art of sound (Music). I later moved to the US in 2008 were I was introduced to Hip-Hop/Rap by social media. Artist like Wiz Khalifa, Asap Rocky, and Mac Miller introduced Me to the art through their music. From there I found major influences in Musicians switch as Young Thug, Pink Floyd, 21 Savage, Ed Sheeran, lil Uzi Vert, Adele, and much more. From Jamaica to America I’m looking to put my name among the brightest stars in the industry. RAA MEDULLA!





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