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Music Auditions: Mytherine - Metal - Berlin, Germany | SRL Auditions

07-01-2020 18:44 GMT

Music Audition. Discover Metal music, stream free and download songs & albums, watch music videos and explore Berlin's independent/emerging music scene with Mytherine
Music by Mytherine on Soundcloud | YouTube

Metal Music Band
Berlin, Germany


The concept of Mytherine is a story of many chapters about a fictive world with its very own gods, myths and legends - but very similar to our own. The lyrics are about ancient battles, adventures, magic and horrors and may be some kind of mix of Bal Sagoth, Ensiferum and H. P. Lovecraft. The music is Death Metal - Epic Death Metal. 7-string guitars, a 5-string bass/ fretless bass, powerful drumming and individual growls/ screams that may sometimes remind of Amon Amarth. 2011 Mytherine is founded by Raven Tongue (vocals, ex-Ashes of Utopia), Marcus (keyboards, ex-Ashes of Utopia), Sven (bass), Nandino (rhythm guitar) and Louiza (vocals) in Berlin as a Symphonic Death Metal Band. At the end of the year Louiza leaves the band and the genre changes to Melodic Death Metal à la In Flames (90s). Nandino leaves the band shortly after as part of the restructuring. 2012 At the beginning of the year, Christian (drums, ex-Influence) convinces with dynamic, emotional drumming and unmistakable influences from bands like Dark Tranquility and Meshuggah and joins the band without further ado. Stefan joins the band a short time later. With his influences of Metal Core and Viking Metal, he brings a lot more toughness into the music and advances the expansion of the first setlist significantly. 2013 One is again looking for a second guitarist and in spring 2013 Cpt. Ivory (guitar, ex-His Masters Descent) joins the already versatile quintet. With his affinity for pirate metal and folk, he mainly brings in two-part guitar playing, harmonies and virtuoso solos. In the middle of the year, a demo with two songs is recorded in the rehearsal room of a friendly band and released digitally. A short time later, Marcus (keyboards), who contributed a lot to songs like ""Dawn Of A New Era"" or ""Into The Unknown"", unfortunately has to leave the band for personal reasons. 2014 Stefan (rhythm guitar), from which the songs ""The Storm"", ""Ancient Path"" and ""Call To Arms"" were written, leaves the band in spring. Only a short time later Marius (guitar, Beyond The Bullet) takes his place and brings harder and more aggressive (Melodic) Death Metal and Black Metal riffing with influences from bands like Trivium or Behemoth. Even before the first gig on June 7, 2014 at Werk9 in Berlin, the first, already very well-defined ideas for a second set are being created. At the end of the year the first album ""Dawn Of A New Era"" will be recorded in Sascha Blach's Winter Solitude Studio in Berlin. 2015 The band can be seen live at charity events in small clubs, the record release of Declamatory and the Herbststurm festival in Lübbenau. The debut album will be released together with the first merchandise (t-shirt) on November 20, 2015 as a CD and via various streaming providers. 2016 Mytherine makes his first festival experiences by participating in the band contest of the Frostfeuernächte festival and at the Nox A Carnival in Berlin and performs along with well-known bands such as Gorilla Monsoon (Pestbaracke, Eisenhüttenstadt) and Nachtschatten. After the first songs of the new set were well received live, one works highly motivated on more. 2017 The band continues the songwriting for the next album and releases the single ""As Light Fades"" in June. The recordings were made in the rehearsal room by a friend and sound engineering student as part of his master thesis. They are rarely seen live this year with only two appearances within Berlin. In the latter Mikel (aka Cpt. Ivory) leaves the band in good to devote himself to private matters. Only a short time later, Caro (ex-Deviance, ex-Gentrification) takes his place and ensures that only a little wind is taken from the sails. 2018 Mytherine will participate in the band contest of the Rock For Roots and take 1st place, earning a slot on the first day of this year‘s festival (along with Craving, Dark Fortress, Nothgard, etc.) in Nauen, near Berlin. At the end of the year they share the stage with Kambrium and Beyond The Bullet at the Bastard Club in Osnabrück. Besides the logo completely reworked by Wappenschmied, the band is looking for a new designer and is forging more plans. 2019 At the beginning of the year, the stage of the Backstage Club in Munich is shared with Entoria, Empyreal and Knopf, in spring the recordings for ""Lord Of Mountains"" finally start and in summer the participation in this year's Unleash The Kraken festival in Ahrensburg is confirmed. Unfortunately, Caro leaves the band for personal reasons before the latter. Only a short time later, Jan (Parasite/ Nalar, Fimbulwinta) takes her place. Towards the end of the year, Sven (Tru'nembra, Cruenta Venganza, the band's last co-founder alongside Raven Tongue) decides to go musically different ways.





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