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Music Auditions: Steezie Steelo - Hip Hop - Virginia, USA | Soundcloud

20-11-2019 01:00 GMT

Steezie Steelo
Hip Hop Music Artist
Virginia, USA


i grew up in a town called Manassas in Virginia. it's the first place where the battle of the civil war was in. my father was born in 1942 and had to raise his 12 brothers and sisters since the age of 13 because their parents passed away. my mother was born in the Philippines in 1954 in a little farm village away from the city so they were always in poverty unfortunately. she ended up coming to America and meeting my best friends mom who translated for her and eventually learned English then met my father. i was born 1992 lived a good childhood being my mother's only child she worked 365 days until THIS day raising me and helping try to pay for her family in the Philippines to just get medicine for children. growing up was rough when i turned the age my father lost his parents i feel as if he took out a anger on me and it eventually turned my heart cold when i lost one of my best friends to a hunting accident in high school. growing up my parents were always working so i mainly depended on friends my whole life for comfort. that's where i met all the talented people i know today from producers, engineers, singers, dancers, videographers, photographers, almost anything you can name in a sense of big movement i surround myself with. i always kept my musical talent to myself but i grew up making videos and photos for everyone (self taught) until i eventually started engineering my own music and designing my own videos. ever since i was young i was the black sheep of my family & friends so i always felt like the main character in a movie except, i really make music about the life i live, there are no lies in my bars, and every bar you have to listen to it 5 different times to get everything i meant out of it. i surprise myself a lot to be honest but I'm a good person and friend at the end of it. i see the good in everyone no matter how wrong they could do me. at the end of the day i just want to help families get out of poverty because they are some of the most beautiful people you could ever meet.




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