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Music Auditions: Brass House Unit - Funk - Malta | YouTube | Spotify

25-11-2019 21:43 GMT

Music Audition. Discover Funk music, stream free and download songs & albums, watch music videos and explore City's independent/emerging music scene with Brass House Unit
Music by Brass House Unit on YouTube | Spotify

Brass House Unit
Funk Music Band


I'm Kevin Ablea, band leader / Director of Brass House Unit, I've been Principal Trumpet of the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra for the past 22 years. Five Years ago I decided to embark on this venture with the band which now we have around 70 gig a year, which is quite good for the size of the country. My goal is to take Brass House Unit onto the next step and perform in Festivals around the Globe.

Brass House Unit is a 17 piece band which performs regularly in private functions. It's one of the most sought after bands in Malta at the moment and we just embarked in a new project which resulted in a huge success. Disco Royale - Bringing the Boogie Back! Five Years ago I launched the band in a concert called Groovy Tunes and we never looked back since then.





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