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Music Auditions: Forrest Hill - Folk - California, USA | Spotify | YouTube

26-11-2019 00:26 GMT

Music Audition. Discover Folk music, stream free and download songs & albums, watch music videos and explore California's independent/emerging music scene with Forrest Hill
Music by Forrest Hill on Spotify | YouTube

Forrest Hill
Folk Music Artist
California, USA


Over the course of an extensive career as a songwriter and performer, Forrest Hill has carved out a humble yet content place for himself in the landscape of contemporary indie folk rock. Forrest grew up in Detroit, where he started playing guitar as a teen in order to survive high school. After graduation, he began writing music while hitchhiking across the country through post-Vietnam America, channeling many of his influences (Dylan, Hendrix, Motown) into a freewheeling exploration of song. After moving to Boston is the 1980s, Forrest recorded two records as part of the Boston based funk rock band Judy’s Tiny Head (JTH), including the critically acclaimed My Car. The title track of the album became a local commercial favorite in New England and a top 40 hit on college radio. Forrest and JTH went on to performed with such acts as the Violent Femmes, Run DMC, Deborah Harry, Paul Young and Aimee Mann, eventually recording with famed music producer Teddy Riley, before parting ways in the 1990s.

Forrest went back to school in Boston and eventually earned a PhD in mathematical ecology before resettling in Northern California. He began playing out at coffee houses and in 2016 released his first solo album “Rust.” Forrest followed this release up with “ShadowLight” in 2018. Both albums spent over two months on the college radio music charts and garnered several TV and film licensing agreements. Forrest has recently finished a new album entitled “River of Stars,” due out in Spring 2020. Beholden to no single formula, the music is influence by such artist as Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, The Talking Heads, The Beatles, Paul Simon, Jason Mraz, John Mayer, Munford & Sons and others. Lyrically, “River of Stars” continues in the style of his recent releases, focusing on the search for meaning in an increasingly mechanized and impersonal world.





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