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Music Auditions: SwifStyle - Hip Hop - Alabama, USA | YouTube | Soundcloud

27-10-2019 17:10 GMT

Hip Hop Music Artist
Alabama, USA


A poetical artist who’s all about bringing pure lyrics and creativity.This artist prides himself on sticking to the old school way of doing music. And that’s to speak with a meaning, a purpose. Something that is lost in this day in age of hip-hop. While everybody wants to create the next dance track or talk about being in the club and flashing jewelry,SwifStyle tries to come with concepts that require more thought. "Those types of tracks are easy to do. I’m all about the true essence of storytelling."

SwifStyle started out in the beginning just writing poetry in the 9th grade. "That's where I where it started first. Whatever or however I was feeling at the moment, I would take a pen and pad and begin writing it down." This would slowly begin the transition process of creating the artist. He had a few people in his neighborhood who were always freestyling to instrumentals. "Freestyling wasn't my thing. But since I was so used to writing poetry, it was nothing for me to write to a beat." So that poetry writing became a passion to writing it to a beat...which began to form the artist now.

His musical influences consist of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, OutKast, Nas, 2Pac,Rakim, Snoop Dogg & Tech N9ne. "Those are the main influences of mine in the hip-hop area. Michael Jackson, Prince, Boyz II Men, Jodeci & 112 from the R&B side." And with those mixtures of artist, it helps to create one good artist.






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