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Skunk Radio Live Auditions: Mikey Ray - Hip Hop - Ohio, USA | Reverbnation | YouTube

18-09-2019 14:19 GMT

Discover Hip Hop music, stream free and download songs & albums, watch music videos and explore Ohio's independent/emerging music scene with Mikey Ray

Mikey Ray
Hip Hop Music Artist
Ohio, USA


Celeveland, Ohio, September 6th, 1991. Michael Raymond Lanham was brought into this world. With a strong love for music at a young age Michael became a drummer and then ended up starting his own band with a couple friends. Never "Mr.Popular" at school or with the ladies Michael ended up sticking with his band until breaking up a couple years down the road. The young drummer then fell off of the music scene for a little nit to try and find himself. During his senior year in high school, Michael found himself freestyling at parties. People would gather around and Michael liked the feeling he felt while freestyle rapping in front of people. A year later he started writing his own songs and recording off of his computer. Michael, then becoming Mikey Ray, began extensive work in the rap game. Investing money into a mic, recording software, and many other things Mikey Ray had all the tools required to paving his way into the industry. After Mikey Ray's first mixtape, Raw n Real, released Mikey Ray started getting shows in his birth city of Cleveland. Having done a multitude of shows, interviews, photoshoots, and award shows, Mikey Ray has a bright future within the Hip Hop community.





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