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Skunk Radio Live Auditions: Michael Nove'lll - R&B - Hawaii, USA | YouTube | Reverbnation

16-09-2019 17:24 GMT

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Michael Nove'lll
R&B Artist
Hawaii, USA


My full self produced/Directed/Written 2018 Entitled (Love Lust Debauchery and Fukkery) Album is Here..Enjoy the Ride'

As bad and as long as I wanted to be successful, seen in the kind of light that shown I would be a great business investment; as much as I wanted to be helped, wanted the direction,and to gain the favor of those in positions of power in the industry who would be generous enough to throw me a gold nugget just to get me started, I realized as a man ''with a stifled vision'' in an over saturated globalized entertainment industry,with probably 100 million musical artists songwriters singers performers and aspiring dreamers from all around the world; me doing this thing chasing this thing,grinding for this thing, visualizing this thing, praying for this thing called music to really happen to me, to become successful-for the better part of the last 26+ years of my life'' I came to the conclusion I needed to step back and recalibrate and re think how & once again ''why'' I was aiming for my target....that reason is: to insure I left my mark as one of the greatest well rounded legitimate ORIGINAL songwriters/lyricists/composers/music producers/ vocalist-vocal arranging most ingenuitive recording artists wrapped into one.. ...ever- and to set the bar ..higher as an ORIGINAL artist with his own music production stamp!

I realized and understood that to be seen as legit,valued respected appreciated and have my legacy remembered; as any man ''traditionally & naturally'' would-it was time I learned everything my brain could possibly retain and to incorporate what I absorbed from all the money I spent in high end studios, working with a myriad of producers writers etc.from my prior experiences and from the process of building the vision in away that the end result will turn out to be successful for me; and with whatever material resources I had at my disposal;being that I am not ''at the time of typing this bio'' an owner of a $100+thousand dollar studio, not a $50 or $10 thousand dollar studio, hell not even an $800 dollar studio,actually''NO STUDIO'' no foam wall section & recording booth''and do not ''at the time of writing the bio'' have the room or garage space to build one either,'did not have the financial luxury's to afford ''beats'' head phones-instead using a pair of ''hand me down'' head phones that I recorded and having to play back on with a shortage in one ear and at times used Iphone ear buds, and a Iphone 4, up to the 6+ & 6s during the process of recording/finishing my entire album using the iPhones ''voice record and store mechanisms'' which with a little practice & vocal technique got the job done..and done well!..and Oh yea-with out a mic popper & a stand alone ''obviously''...which is not a simple task when recording vocals in ''well timed sections in sync with the music from a Demo music/vocal recording software-minus the vocal effect plugins''most producers and artists use today to be sellable'' out side of the basic software effects); while simultaneously having the music played ''external'' of recording on various Iphones. a unique & logical systematic way of producing great music ..that I myself created''...why did I feel I had to do things this way''you may ask?''..because the time we put in to mastering a myriad of skills, technical - creative techniques, utilizing our raw vocal & artistic talents,logical process that is incorporated into it, consumes the amount of time most will not invest themselves in - it calls for sacrifice and around the clock discipline and dedication...so it wouldn't be odd that you would not be making much money on a 9to5 that doesn't pay enough to pay all necessary bills and still have money left over to put into buying mainstream competitive soft & hardware music production equipment...Logic says use & master what you have and tweak where necessary..there are loopholes in every man made design no matter how much tech evolves as long as panetary shifts and influences are apart of universal and mankinds function...as much as every code can be cracked nomatter how advance tech evolves-satelite operation and function will always meet with glitches. The human brain will always be mankinds greatest asset!

Producing and sound designing 1st class music from a DEMO version music production software-which advanced level music producers know-once you open a new file to begin a new full production to build/compose a musical track/instrumental ..on Demo versions-you must be completely satisfied with getting the production and sound mixed and leveling right on the money before closing the program out ''or'' lose all but a ''sample'' of a entire work that has to be fully produced & exported as a file..

In this world-most will never be lucky enough to have celebrity family members or friends in the business, or be at the right place at the right time, or given a genuine opportunity to show and prove their raw talent or win deals prizes and money or gain a legitimate career the proper material resources, and financial hand outs to WIN and create a living in passion career everyone''who are really great at their respective crafts'' should have the opportunity to do, to earn a good living in society, with a piece of mind & self contentment - even though the industry shows - if not most, many of those ''lucky one's'' are not ''always in most cases'' so lucky when they are red taped & their brand & careers are professionally raped by their business contracts and dealings---we all know..''the experienced anyway'' realize & have excepted life does not work in the way we had wished for; even if they possess the greatest potential! Excepting reality as it is..HARSH-I decided 5years prior to now, when I stepped away from any and all things music related for 3 to 4 years to deal with real world problems drama and personal emotional baggage..1 year after relocating & settling in Hawaii, I was bit by the music bug again-as well as the Acting bug-it was like a double simultaneous rebirth-from there I decided I will refocus pick up where I left off, live a minimalist way of life doing without absolutely anything I didn't need,''including relationships'' I would ''plan create promote sale market represent build with my own hands and the very limited material resources I had & produce'', my brand my name my music my direction my own musical and visual content my image my logo designs, my new reality understanding I would have to be mentally,creatively & technically ingenuitive AF!...presenting myself fully to the world in my individual vibrational light & energy....to in time become attain success..not giving anyone permission to be or get into a position to sabotage & destroy my work anymore,neither derail my vision and the direction that I was sure I was going in.

Building success from the ground up our selves - prove merit, this way develops and exploits personal power ,self sufficiency value and the will & resilience to triumph & emerge from our personal storms and fears, even when external influences set back after set back surviving very little money commitments family problems hater's countless rejections and ever day obligations make our journey to attaining personal fulfillment & purpose from completing a passionate task we want to someday make a comfortable living from, virtually impossible to see through to it's completion with the highest possible standard for our blood sweat & tears to realistically be embraced by many becoming a fruitful life changing success and new experience that lead to greater future accomplishments.

No, I never worked in a million dollar lab...but I gua.ran.tee.ya..... my work sound like It was produced in a million dollar lab.... my best is ..coming.

Many will drain steal, rob & take from you-that's reality for everyone..not some..learn from it...and never let em break ya-There is no such thing as failure..only walking away when we decide we had enough.

I AM Michael Nove'lll

Savannah GA. is the root of me-Hawaii is where I landed & rediscovered me.

my upcoming album'' will be found to be a masterful timeless very well produced, composed written vocally solid & lyrical collective piece of work...I put everything on it.

The World is an Oyster I don't discriminate and I love all Pearls & Diamonds..:)

Stay tuned for future single album releases soon followed by my full album release





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