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Skunk Radio Live Auditions: VeronikaPinkHeart - Hip Hop - Idaho, USA | YouTube | Soundcloud

11-06-2019 17:48 GMT

Discover Hip Hop music, stream free and download songs & albums, watch music videos and explore Idaho's independent/emerging music scene with VeronikaPinkHeart

Hip Hop Music Artist
Idaho, USA


Born in California Veronica Komperda is an unsigned/independent artist/music producer/blogger under stage name: Veronicapinkheart is a diverse artister, listening to her music once can get you inspirited. She is a singer/songwriter/music producer Her real name is Veronica Komperda, She is multifaceted, she can come in many identities,but she has music as a main interest. She likes music if it has sense to it, and a meaning to edify, propose and enlighten. In the same sense, her vision is to make possible in this new era in media, music, and publication a wonder to inspire herself as well as others. If you are disappointed with mainstream, know that Veronica never sticks with a boring trend, she is always up to new styles of music, clothing, social media,and as well as entertainment. These aren't the only talents Veronica owns; she is a great model, photographer,public figure(human example),and wonderful graphic artist. She is also an artist, graphic artist,vocalist, writer and so much more.This is not it; best of all,she is very hip and knows great trends, fashion, and design.

she has been playing and recording her own music since she was 11 years old. (when she first learned to play a guitar on her own and play fluent piano)

However, music isn't her only talents, she makes websites and is basically good at most things she does.

She is working on some projects like: Musonify- ( A clothing/hobbies/music company ) VeronicaWinx.co.nr- A fansite about the WinxClub fairies for kids. HollywoodFame- An animated doll series about celebrities in their doll forms. Flashin' Passion-An independent magazine edition by VeronicaPinkHeart made exclusively for those optimists who don't want to stick with simple ideas- but to look beyond them. And to think innovatively.

Veronica has 5 other sisters who are as beautiful and as talented.

VeronicaPinkHeart chains are operated and owned by the one and only Veronica Komperda; her self. Veronica Komperda is an independent enthusiast and un-signed musical artist label.





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