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Skunk Radio Live Auditions: MacSteve - R&B - Worcestershire, UK | Reverbnation

30-05-2019 00:38 GMT

Discover R&B music, stream free and download songs & albums, watch music videos and explore Worcestershire's independent/emerging music scene with MacSteve

R&B Music Artist
Worcestershire, UK


MacSteve has always had a passion for music and performing, and used to sing along to his favourite artists’ tracks on stage as a teenager growing up in Nigeria. He then decided to try his hand at writing his own songs and realised he had a real flair for lyrics. Whilst studying at university in Edo State, he organised numerous concerts on campus, where he would invite popular Nigerian musicians and perform his own songs alongside them. He also formed a group called The Tenth Planet Boys with a childhood friend and they recorded and released an album entitled Just for You, which was then sold around the campus.

After graduating from university, MacSteve moved to Lagos and started working on a solo album, Intoxicating, which included the tracks Birthday, Passion and Puzzle of my Heart. Whilst working on the album, the opportunity to move to England to further his studies arose, and so in 2008, MacSteve arrived in London. During his time there, he collaborated with some London-based rappers and recorded a couple of songs. He now resides in Worcestershire and is currently writing some more tracks to add to Intoxicating, which he hopes to release officially here.

MacSteve’s music is a combination of contemporary R ‘n’ B and Hip Hop, with African vibes. He cites Bob Marley and R.Kelly as his main inspirations and his father recalls MacSteve responding to the music of Marley as a toddler.




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