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Skunk Radio Live Auditions: Pilarush - Pop - New York, USA | Soundcloud

25-05-2019 12:55 GMT

Pop Music Artist
New York, USA


Pilarush is a singer, songwriter and video producer. Grew up in New York City and has Spanish roots. "Pilarush" is a nickname that the songwriter enjoys to be called and use after russian friends call her like that. Her real name is Pilar. By 2015 the also music video producer, achieved her dream to get an associate degree in liberal arts from the Borough of Manhattan Community College and a bachelor degree on Business Administration from the Metropolitan College of New York. As persuing her music career, on 2016 decided to work on a new second album Feelings. Part of this album was recorded in South America and also in Europe.

Early Years
During 2010 got her first album called The Hope is a Truth. It did not have that much success due to her busy life as a college student and as a part time Spanish tutor and as a part time cashier in a store. The mentioned album contained one song only and did not come up the way she expected mostly because of the lack of knowledge of the music terms needed to produce a music piece.

New Projects
Her second album will be release this year 2018, all songs are written by Pilarush and sang it by her and other artists in Europe. Currently is looking to work writing songs for other artists and to feature her work in movies or Mexican soap operas(telenovelas) and also work with candidates to Eurovision and GRAMMYs.




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