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Skunk Radio Live Auditions: Eden Marquis - R&B - Kentucky, USA | YouTube | Soundcloud

23-09-2023 00:17 GMT

Discover R&B music, stream free and download songs & albums, watch music videos and explore North Carolina's independent/emerging music scene with Eden Marquis

Eden Marquis
R&B Music Artist
Kentucky, USA


The benevolent Priestess of sensuality brings to you the enchantment and delight of tantric pleasure. Eden is unique as she is subtle; enticing the imagination while filling desirer's cup of eroticism,the same poison that can heal them. Eden is a femme fatale in the flesh. She is the expression of the dark goddess in all her enigma. The Priestess Eden is all that she is, as is. There are many unforgettable qualities that are bestowed to such a lovely young lady that must be experienced as she isn't only a beauty, she is rare and breaking molds with her intelligence, compassion and gentle approach that is sure to warm up those around. She isn't for the weak hearted, for the divine feminine she possess is unmistakable. Eden, The High Priestess presents a transcendental experience of consciousness for those whom dare. Her escapism is all things of nature; the sounds of running water, the sunset sky, the acoustic sounds of life. Eden is altruistic in all her ways. The darkness within her is used to transform the darkness in those she accompanies. Everything is intentional, and done as an art form. As a spiritual companion who enjoys the altered realities, you can find Eden indulging in delicious foods, harmonious music and her favorite- a candle lit bath with a good book to read. On the exterior, she is a extro/introvert. Forced conversations do not exist in her world, nor does tainted physical expressions; all things are done in divine conviction. Allow yourself the privilege of meeting Eden for yourself. There is an air of acceptance about her that allows others to open up, to feel safe & relaxed. Eden is like an ancient medicine woman, a shaman. Her body is the antidote, her movements are seductive and charming. She is graceful, a sight of awe. Get acquaintance with Eden Marquis, The High Priestess.





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