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Skunk Radio Live Auditions: Eldina Papanastasiou - Classical - Athens, Greece | Spotify

06-05-2019 07:08 GMT

Discover Classical music, stream free and download songs & albums, watch music videos and explore Athens's independent/emerging music scene with Eldina Papanastasiou

Eldina Papanastasiou
Classical Music Composer
Athens, Greece


Each one of us is a composer... of his/her life... Hearts and souls play music! They create music every single moment... Depending on the feeling, they choose a different instrument... The whole world actually is a global symphonic orchestra ! A mixture of sounds and melodies derived from deep within us ... And despite the variety of melodies and sounds there is always harmony !!! I wish people could listen to the music of their heart... How different the world would be... That is why I love movies... Because there is music in every scene... Because when the words stop, music speaks... because I get to know more listening... That is what I try when I write music ... to listen to the characters' hearts... It is not my music, it is theirs through my ears... Life is beautiful ... Life is an eternal soundtrack !




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