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Skunk Radio Live Auditions: Boeme - Ambient - Bucharest, Romania | Soundcloud

08-04-2019 14:57 GMT

Discover Ambient music, stream free and download songs & albums, watch music videos and explore Bucharest's independent/emerging music scene with Boeme

Ambient Music Artist
Bucharest, Romania


My name is Diana Burciu and i would describe myself in a few words: nature, music, beauty. To be more specific i will try to share with you my love for music and animals and all that is beautiful in this world. Since i was very young i desired to be a musician and i dreamt, i dreamt of it.. forever! I was very shy as a young girl and this shyness wasn't beneficial all the times. It actually kept me away from developing my talent at an early age. I was the kind of girl spending all day in my room writing poems and little songs that i would've never shown to anyone. Until i was 16. At that time my father bought me a piano toy and i started taking singing lessons from a very special teacher which was the first to encourage me in this journey. Only after i moved to Bucharest for University i started experimenting with different sound programs and creating my own songs. Destiny brought me in the middle of a Tv show where i earned 3000 Euros and then i afforded to buy myself an electronic piano, a microphone, proffessional speakers and some sound device which worked cool at that time. It was around 2004. I haven't been a good friend to theory and stereotypes, all i was creating was from my intuition and imagination. I wrote songs in Romanian but slowly i started singing and thinking in English and my best songs are surely in English. I listened for at least 2 years Tori Amos' music, which i simply adore and which inspired me a lot. Though at the moment i believe i have i strong identity in music, my influences are the 80's music with all those beautiful ballades and Tori Amos, Kate Bush, Cindy Lauper, Pink Floyd, R.E.M, Radiohead, Damien Rice and many many others which i prefer to call my favorite artists and by this means it surely influenced me in one way or another.

Queen has a special place in my heart but the most special place is Michael's. Michael Jackson inspired me through his ideals and his great love for Earth. Other artists that i'd like to mention: Take That, Aerosmith, Pearl Jam, Ed Sheeran, Florence and the Machine, The Jezabels, Birdy, Coldplay, Snow Patrol, Reamon, Placebo. ​

Enigma plays an important role in my creation, cause they were next to me almost every evening, listening to their masterpieces. ​

At the moment i have many unfinished songs and the ones you can listen here i worked very hard for since i'm such a mess in organizing my projects and technology breaks my nerves when one laptop is dead and i have to struggle and move my projects into another, with all the additional programs and plugins. But i'll create a special folder with this Unfinished Songs so you can listen to them too. ​

Now let me tell you a bit about my love for animals. I've been struggling for a long time to become a vegetarian but only in 2013 i accomplished it. I had some mystical experiences that made me see life in a more spiritual way and though i love and loved animals since i was little, from my education i wasn't able to see that it is wrong and against my principles to eat them. But finally i realized.

Through my music i want to make a call to those out there who are open to listen, to give more care and love to animals, because we are not better than them. They have the right to live as they are part of this Earth as much as we are. ​

And my dream project is to build, maybe here in Romania, an Animal Paradise. I would like to take care of dogs because i have such a special bound with them and i simply think they are such pure and beautiful beings and another thing is that they have been so mistreated here in Romania and after all these years, they still need our help. Secondly, i would love to save the cows from slaughter houses and give them the joyful life they deserve. I would also love to take care of horses and cats, why not a few bears and foxes :).

So feel free to support me in making this dream come true by buying my music!




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