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Skunk Radio Live Auditions: Dream Dust - Rock - Vervey, Switzerland | YouTube | Bandcamp

21-02-2019 12:45 GMT

Dream Dust
Rock Music Band
Vervey, Switzerland

Current Score: ★★★☆☆ ☆☆


Group formed in 1990 with an English singer, Liechti Claudia. Then a reformations in 1993 with two singers, and the realization of the first album "The MEETING" in 1995 followed by several live / big Café Lausanne /. Reformations "1997-2001" and realization of the second Album, a single in 2000, then The Album The CITY of FEELINGS in 2001. After three years together, the singers were married. So, 2001 reformations with a Quebec singer. A new album was released for March 2007. Then again, a new singer, Muriel Belk met in 2009 and directed an album released in 2014 "In The Universe Of ..." Currently in preparation for a new album Album with Muriel Belk singer ... He released Muriel's new album "In The Universe Of" ... released in April 2014 and two video clips from this album. He saw that Muriel was enjoying the scents of his notes and asked her if she wanted. In the course of preparation, Dame Muriel, after much reflection, decided to leave Dream Dust.



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