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Skunk Radio Live Auditions: Johnny Duk And The Dusty Old Band - Folk - Arzo, Switzerland | YouTube | Reverbnation

21-02-2019 14:15 GMT

Discover Folk music, stream free and download songs & albums, watch music videos and explore Arzo's independent/emerging music scene with Johnny Duk And The Dusty Old Band

Johnny Duk And The Dusty Old Band
Folk Music Band
Arzo, Switzerland

Current Score: ★☆☆☆☆ ☆☆


Fabio Ducoli, aka Johnny Duk, was born in Faido in 1970. His passion for the guitar, instrument that he starts playing at age eleven, will eventually allow him to participate in various singing competitions during the nineties. In those same years, he also sings at the prestigious "Festival di Sanremo" where he records a promo-cd that boasts the collaboration of Andrea Innesto, sax player for Vasco Rossi. After years of concerts spent gaining experience as leader of various groups (including the "Alkymia" and the"Road Runners"), Fabio moves away from italian rock music to transition to County-Folk. His profound admiration for "The Boss" Bruce Springsteen (first in the list of artists acknowledged in his first album "The River of Dreams"), but also Woody Guthrie, Hank Williams, and the inevitable Johnny Cash, lead him through a journey of discovery of American folk music that, to date, continues to be his main source of inspiration. Johnny Duk, is however not passively influenced by the great masters; on the contrary he shows a compositional talent that is usually very hard to find in any kind of music "Made in Ticino". The meeting with the violinist Claudia Klinzing marks a milestone in the evolution of his artistic journey. A journey that will take him first to form an acoustic duo, followed by the addition of a percussionist. The apex is then reached in 2004, when the band "Johnny Duk & Acoustic Sessions band " is born. The same band is then renamed in 2011, and is since known as " Dusty Old band ". The new lineup of the band consists of: Johnny Duk (Vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, harmonica, dobro and Puerto Rican Cuatro), Claudia Klinzing (Violin, Accordion and flute), Andre Sampaio (Electric Bass), Daniel Rizzetto (Guitar and back-up vocals), Matteo Piazza (Drums and percussion)

Thanks to this fusion of talents, the repertoire gains richness and variety, ranging now from Acoustic Rock, to Irish Folk, without ever forgetting the original passion for Country-Folk. What sets this artist apart, is the ambivalence of his personality: Fabio Ducoli, shy and introverted in his personal life, is transformed on the stage as he morphes into Johnny Duk, a source of energy that fires up the crowds, and captures the audience emotionally. It is this duality that creates the need for Fabio to change his name, thereby creating the flamboyant Alter-ego. He begins to appear in concerts in which he reinterprets an impressive number of tracks, not only from the biggest names of the Folk genre, but also Rock'n'roll, and sometimes even the faster pace of the more danceable and electric pop music. This allows him to steadily create a lively and engaging atmosphere. A passionate musician can however not ignore the vast repertoire of traditional ballads, nor can he omit to revisit pieces that have long since become part of the collective musical heritage. With this in mind Fabio starts a musical project on the side to complement the Dusty Old Band, an acoustic version of sorts, the "Johnny Duk Acoustic Trio," where he plays alongside Daniel Rizzetto, at the guitar and vocals, and Matthew Square on percussions. After countless, and always cherished live performances, on the 16th of April, 2009, Fabio produces his first album, "The River of Dreams", which is well received by critics and public alike. This self-produced first album was broadcasted in 2010 by various important networks in Australia, Canada, the US, New Zealand, as well as on European radio stations such as the BBC. The album was promoted with a Swiss tour that started in Ticino in the autumn of 2010 and continued through 2011. The song "On The Other Side" gives the title to his new album comprised of thirteen tracks ranging from folk to rock, to more melodic pieces. For this new project Johnny Duk collaborates with various special guests such as Frank Salis, Michela Domenici, George Ostinelli, Max Sama, Giorgio Valli and Bryan Johnson. "On The Other Side", again privately produced, was recorded in Ticino and presented to the public and the press on June 22, 2013 and received a very positive response. Among the various concerts that followed the publication of the new disc, it is worth highlighting the participation to the fifteenth edition of "Glory Days in Rimini" where Johnny Duk, the first Swiss to be invited, performed on the 27th, 28th and 29th of September 2013 On December 4 2013, at the “Temus” in Agno, he accompanies Jesse Malin (USA), Derek Cruz (USA) at the electric piano, as well as Guy Davis (USA), Rob Dye (USA), Joe D'Urso (USA). This performance marks the absolute first edition in Ticino of the of the Swiss edition of “Light of Day”, an international musical event designed to raise funds to help people with Parkinson's disease. The organization, which has its headquarters in New Jersey (USA), then invites Johnny Duk to perform in Asbury Park, NJ on January 17 and 19, 2014. He played at the Stone Pony and at the Watermark during the final stages of the event. It is on this occasion that Johnny 'Duk had the opportunity to meet and get to know Bruce Springsteen. In April this year, Johnny launches the first official video clip from the album “On the other side”. The song, by the title of “Breathe in Breathe out” tells the true story of a life event happened to a dear friend of the singer. Intense and melodic, this piece was recorded in studio together with Frank Salis at the Piano, Claudia Klinzing at the violin, and witht the voices of Michela Domenici and, of course Johnny Duk. The videoclip, again self-produced and shot entirely in Ticino, draws inspiration from an idea of Johnny Duk, and features Michela Domenici and the Johnny himself.



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