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Skunk Radio Live Auditions: The Papers - Reggae - Exeter, UK | SRL Networks London Music PR

17-10-2018 09:33 GMT

Discover Reggae music, stream free and download songs & albums, watch music videos and explore Exeter's independent/emerging music scene with The Papers

The Papers
Reggae Music Band
Exeter, UK

Current Score: ★★☆☆☆ ☆☆


The Papers have been described as 'Political Popsters with a Rock Reggae calling card' using flamethower lyrics to get their message and their music out there. This band really do want to change the world, they always have. The new album 'Paintbox' features 16 tracks aimed at upending the table of sicko rich, fawning celebrities, greedy bankers, poisonous politicians and everyone else who takes selfishness as their badge and hatred as their way of life. Make no mistake this is no fly by night outfit. The Papers started out in 1979 and they're still out there. The band wanted to do two things: make the world fairer, safer, and more sustainable and have some fun on the way. In their view, the world is a mess and getting worse - an impending third world war using nukes and a sackful of new planet sized problems: environmental issues, corruption in every direction and nationalistic drum banging in every quarter. On top of that the political establishment and the banks carry on regardless. Time for a big change.

Now there's a new 16 track album. 'Paintbox' (NeonRock) and a new single 'The Only One I See Is Me'. There are no pithy love songs. Instead, the album is a manifesto for a better world. Tracks such as 'Live Your Dreams' featuring Barrack Obama, 'Paintbox' - about meddling politicians, 'Cowgirl Kiss' - about over medication and Global Warning - a swipe at Trumpism.
The Papers music is unique, drawing on the love in Reggae, the energy of Rock and the fun in Pop. Our views are uncompromising. Our approach is love the world and enjoy your life. Live Your Dreams!

The band are

Twin brothers John Fitzsimons: Lead vocals, guitar


Mike (Harry) Fitzsimons: bass, backing vocals

Norman Marsh: Drums

Rob Bright: Lead guitar, backing vocals

Based in Brighton UK, the home of happy people and strong views.



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