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Pink Floyd Vibes And Sounds Using Amps: You've Got To Hear Unsigned Classic Rock Band Boy Blu | Auditions '23




20-03-2023 18:27 GMT

Boy Blu

Florida, USA

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Boy Blu is a musical duo that features American singer-songwriter, guitarist and drummer Lisa Blu and Irish singer-songwriter, producer, and renowned guitarist/bassist, Sean O'Connor from the legendary Irish band The Lookalikes and frequently with Thin Lizzy.

They both combine their talents and passion for music to bring an eclectic mix of rock , pop, soul and blues. They experiment with genre conventions to bring a truly unique listening experience that can't be heard anywhere else."

Career Goals | Objectives:

We want to expand our fan base and create an extensive catalog of original music.

Musical Instruments | Studio Equipment:

Amps, Mics, recording equipment, pre-amps, electronic drums etc.

Influences | Sounds Like:

Pink Floyd, The Pretenders and Janice Joplin

Live Performance History | Residencies | Touring Experience:

We have performed 3 times but since we formed as a band during the pandemic, we have mostly been doing live streams.



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