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Indie Artist Auditions 2023: Kaija - R&B - Washington, USA | SRL




04-05-2023 16:57 GMT

Music Audition. Discover R&B music, stream free and download songs & albums, watch music videos and explore Washington's independent/emerging music scene with KAIJA
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R&B Music Artist
Washington, USA

Current Score: ★★★☆☆ ☆☆


greetings, kinfolk 🤟 is a multi-instrumental heartist, producer, vibrational medium & creator of Plant Vibrations ™️. She marries sound, |ight & nature as medicine to create immersive experiences for our people to come home to themselves. By connecting a sanctuary of sound with breath, plants, flowers, herbs, soil, water, elementals, sacred resonance, cymatics, energy, movement meditation & intuitive knowing, KAIJA encourages us to feel soul good inside out. Along with live music, channels & records live plant vibrations™️ at divine times into her soundscapes. This is a first ever of its kind offering to the world. With the intention of giving medicine to our people, KAIJA has collaborated with Gold Water Alchemy to bring plant vibrations™️ potions & elixirs. Awaken your portal, as you universe with multi-dimensional senses, gifts & timelines by pairing each potion & elixir with these soundscapes to remember wholeness. stewards & travels to sacred lands to commune, grow & gather all vibrational medicine into y(our) safe space as an offering for our people by way of her vibrational apothecary. KAIJA real-eased her first multidimensional energy healing soundscape, mmodb & mmodb plant vibrations in 2021. Next drop & drip easy2Love was b'earthed & these maxi-single heart projects will be real-eased into the end of 2022 before her debut eps of (1) kosmos building records & (2) Plant Vibrations™️ with accompanying soul medicine bags in 2023. gratitude



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