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Independent Music Auditions: Djnathan - Dance - Rhodes, Greece




14-12-2023 17:09 GMT


Rhodes, Greece

Current Score: ★☆☆☆☆ ☆☆


Djnathann, a resident of Rhodes Island in Greece, is a self-taught musician
inspired from a very small age by Vangelis and Yanni, two famous Greek
composers. The musician was a former member of a folk-rock band. After this
Djnathann worked on performing as a mobile DJ around the island. Experimenting
with production the eclectic artist wanted to create his style and achieved the

first step by forming the single Matrix including 2 remixes with cool
guitar sounds and beautiful vocals. The song Matrix relays the message to
improve our perception of what’s happening around us and to not “buy” into
what the system tells us every day. A simple song on the need for individual
critical thinking to inspire a more independent life. Also released an instrumental
version of the same song called “Quitarism” with 3 easy listening versions.
After single “Dimensions” with Jodie Poye have also released an instrumental
track called “Violence” with an amazing and aggressive violin solo

You may visit artist’ s website where you may
download all song in uncompressed formats or listen to your favorite platform
such as YouTube, spotify or Apple Music via direct links



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