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If You Like Breaking Benjamin, You Must Hear This - Escape The Paradigm's Skunk Radio Live Audition




06-05-2023 19:12 GMT

Escape The Paradigm

Indiana, USA

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"We want to find a manager. "

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Escape the Paradigm was formed in late 2013 by brothers Brandon Brodzinski and Johnathan Rockwood with Donny Hoover III. The trio met after previous bands each member were in went on permanent hiatus. Previously, the three members played in other local acts for years. Each member of ETP brings their own unique sound and musical background to the band. Having plenty of live performance and studio experience both together and previously, ETP has become a truly polished sounding band, despite only having 3 members.

Brandon (Vocals/Guitar) is a father of 3, college student, aspiring producer, gamer and Soldier in the US Army Reserve. He is the main writer in ETP, writing most of the band's first album. Brandon is married to his biggest supporter in his wife Doris. John (Drums) has been playing drums for over half his life and has taken a virtual master class from Todd Sucherman. He is a lefty but taught himself right-handed. John loves movies and television, and frequents the theaters whenever possible. John and Brandon are brothers. Donny (Bass) is a 3rd generation to have the name "Don Hoover" and has several siblings and cousins. Don works in the mills, is happily married to his loving wife Blaire. He is an aspiring comedian, football fanatic, and overall midwestern dad (minus the children as of yet!)

The band has 1 full-length studio album (Mistaken - 2018) and has released 4 singles since the start of the pandemic (New Beginnings - 2020, RISE - 2020, Breaking Chains - 2021, Sign Of Life - 2021) with plans to release their 2nd studio album sometime in Spring 2023. (Produced by Kyle Odell)

ETP has shared the stage with several national acts such as Eva Under Fire, Gemini Syndrome, Tantric, Soil, Another Lost Year, 3 Years Hollow, Eye Empire, Open Your Eyes, Kirra and many more. The band also opened for All That Remains, Toothgrinder and Gears in fall 2018 on their first national tour. ETP would play several dates starting in KY and going through IL, MO, TX, NC, VA and WV during this tour.

Escape the Paradigm makes music that is meant to speak to the listener, and comfort those in need of some kind of help. Brandon Brodzinski (Vocals/Guitar) said:

“Music has helped me in several moments in my life. It’s saved me when nothing else could, and I owe music a debt I can not pay. If my music can do that for even just one other person, then I have successfully paid it forward. That’s the real goal.”

Career Goals | Objectives:

To find a manager

Musical Instruments | Studio Equipment:

PRS Guitars, MESA Amps, Kemper Amps, Fishman Pickups, ESP Guitars, Schecter Basses, Fender Basses, Fender Amps, Paiste Cymbals, Evans Skins, Pearl Drums, Fender Acoustic Guitars, Ernie Ball Strings, Dunlop Picks, Planet Waves cords, Morley Pedals, Horizon Devices Pedals.

Influences | Sounds Like:

Breaking Benjamin, Nickelback, Three Days Grace.

Live Performance History | Residencies | Touring Experience:

Yes, 3 (due to studio time as well as illness among band)



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