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Unsigned Artist Auditions '23: Topanga Side Eye - Rock - Arizona, USA | SRL




03-02-2023 18:46 GMT

Topanga Side Eye

Rock Music Artist
Arizona, USA

Current Score: ★☆☆☆☆ ☆☆


Topanga Side Eye is the musical project led by Providence, Rhode Island based artist, Don Anderson. His first love is drumming and he's performed and recorded with artists in many genres ranging from Alternative/Post Rock to Country since the early 90's. Don has been a drummer as well as song and lyric writer during that time, but he didn't feel the drive to take the lead until around 2015, when members of different groups with which Don played encouraged him to contribute more vocally. The increased confidence from having performed live and from recording with so many trusted friends, artists, and collaborators, from Singer/Songwriters, to Blues and Americana groups, and to Alternative Rock bands, has resulted in a wide palette of ideas from which to grow and evolve with new experiments. Don still plays with many acts.

Topanga Side Eye is more of a revolving collaboration than just a solo project. As primary songwriter, his access to technology and so many other talented players allows him to expand his creativity without limitations. Don plans to continue with this and other projects, with sites set on music for television, film, and other media outlets. Please contact him for all inquiries regarding this and other session or touring projects.

I'm versatile. Topanga Side Eye has been a recording project in which I collaborate with a variety of musicians. This allows me to focus on the moments of inspiration with no limitations. One song may delve into electronica. Others may fall under the Rock, Americana, or even Ambient categories. Instead of painting myself into a corner creatively, I can put a number of ideas out there and see how people respond.



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