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Unsigned Artist Auditions '23: Elvis Carden - Country - Georgia, USA | SRL




24-02-2023 21:10 GMT

Elvis Carden

Country Music Artist
Georgia, USA

Current Score: ★★☆☆☆ ☆☆


Elvis has been passionate about music for all of his adult life, funneling his creativity through his singing, songwriting, and music-making skills. His latest CD, Life, is his 8th LP recording in a long, illustrious continuing career. This Georgia native, born in Atlanta and raised in the small town of Palmetto, Georgia, still currently resides in his hometown. At the young age of 16, Elvis joined the United States army and at 17 years old was sent off to Lie Kie, Vietnam, where he spent more than a year fighting for his country with the First Infantry Division his lasst year in the army was spent in Aberdeen, MD. This patriotic multi-talented artist has been compared to Merle Haggard, and has been recognized significantly for his poems and songwriting. Aside from making music, his other hobbies include hunting, fishing, and eating. Elvis has a sweet tooth for ice cream, cake, and all kinds of fruit, from cherries to watermelons! But you best believe he’ll grill up a mean Boston Butt in a heart beat! Off the grill, Elvis has cooked up the design for the world renowned Guitar House in Fayetteville, Georgia. Elvis, the sole designer and builder of the landmark, spent 16 years creating this spectacular, guitar-shaped home. Pictures and videos of Georgia’s TV Channel 5 News coverage can be seen on www.YouTube.com and throughout the world wide web. Elvis is a member of BMI, CMA, ICMA, VVA, VVMF, VF, American Legion, etc., and owns Guitar House Records Inc. (won “Label of the Year” in 199 0 . Elvis’ first recordings, “Vietnam Blues” and “Loving a Soldier”, originally recorded in 1967, won Patriotic Song of the Year in 1990. In 2005, Elvis won the COMA International Male Recording Artist of the Year. 2007 was the year Elvis received the prestigious accolade as International Poet of the Year for “Loving a Soldier”. Elvis created the music video honoring the 25th anniversary of the Vietnam Veterans Wall in 2007, and made music and poetry for the Vietnam Veterans Fund with his “Life of Elvis Lloyd Carden”. Prior to his new CD “LIFE”, Elvis L. Carden released the single, “American Rebel”, which is currently on distribution through HMG Nashville earning music reviews from NY, NY & Ehking, TX, Find it here.



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