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Demontime Uses Rode Nt1A Microphone To Create Really Cool Tracks | Unsigned Artist Auditions 2023




06-02-2023 14:48 GMT


Hip Hop Music Artist
Adelaide, Australia

Current Score: ★★★☆☆ ☆☆

"I want to expand and grow in the music industry. "


I have written the biggest biography in every single answer above I can promise that to you. Outside of the things I have mentioned musically. I am in my twenties and reign from South Australia. Dead beat father, both parents in my mother (she has two chronic illnesses) , lots of sisters to 'protect' throughout our lives. Mum remarried multiple times all to physical, mental abusers along side substance abusers. One husband which she was with for most of my youth along side my sisters was involved in one of the most intense organized crime organizations which being honest with you and the world I will never be able to elaborate on as it will get myself and my family hurt (much worse I can assure you) I'm a survivor not a victim, I had plenty of ups along side downs and always hold a smile on my face & support the ones I care for. I have had a long history with mental health, drug abuse, physical abuse (toward myself) and even had to protect my sisters / mother a lot also. I haven't had it easy but given the opportunity to get out of this I will never look back. I used to live a very crooked and uncertain/scary life & still have a lot to look out for / be grateful for things that never got spoken on but all I can say is even though I have every reason in the world to feel hateful & yet I still crave a better life for myself, my loved ones and my affiliates / friends. I'm happy to tell you all anything except things that may harm my family or myself physically / mentally. As long as you can respect that i'm an honest open book willing to bring the ones around me up and learn from them at the same time. I have quite a few sisters some older some younger and some have traumas and mental health to overcome/manage but also have been through a lot of similar situations as myself. I used to play soccer as a child at a quite serious level, was one of the fastest runners in my state and would confidently beat anyone when it came to track and field and even cross-country. Played community basketball as I got older and also done other social sports with friends over the years. spent a lot of time to myself out side of sports as i've always been independent and self reliant with company. I could go on for so long, my brain if you hadn't noticed bounces around a lot, i'm sure most could put two and two together.

Career Goals | Objectives:

expanding musically in any way (performing/networking/visuals/musical content/radio/interviews/find manager... support really) , connecting with people in and out of the music industry, helping someone I don't know through a hardship and supporting the listeners as much as they would support me.

Music Education | Training | Qualifications:

Mixed and mastered most of my music, played around with FL studio and some other more basic software. I write all of my own lyrics and record my own music at home.

Musical Instruments | Studio Equipment:

RODE NT1A microphone , presonus audio box, a mini amp, very good computer, electric keyboard.

Live Performance History | Residencies | Touring Experience:

3 shows live in the last twelve months all in my hometown in the CBD. I know all of my songs and can one take them. I can do acapellas, perform (hype/dance/acknowledge) whilst mindlessly relaying music. I don't know why but can also recite any hip-hop song i'm familiar with.


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