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Music Auditions: Georgeintown - Hip Hop - London, UK | Music Discovery XO




03-04-2023 00:21 GMT

Music Audition. Discover Hip Hop music, stream free and download songs & albums, watch music videos and explore London's independent/emerging music scene with Georgeintown
Music by Georgeintown on Spotify | YouTube


Hip Hop Music Artist
London, UK

Current Score: ★★☆☆☆ ☆☆


Hi, my name is George Quarshie Ofori a.k.a ( Georgeintown ), I was born originally in Africa ( Ghana ), moved from there in ( 2005 ), when I was 8 years old and I went to leave in Spain ( Almeria ), I’m Currently 24 Years old, my family aren’t rich but I am very great-full to have them, because they’ve made what I am today, I’ve lived in ( Almeria )for 12 great years, my experience in that country is the best that I could ever ask, because the memories that I’ve got from there can never be deleted, some of them are good and some not that good, but in this life you don’t choose what you want, but in case you receive what you need. I grew up as a christian, and as an African descendant you can’t disrespect your family or even ask them to buy you stuffs because they will beat you, is actually funny now that I think about it, I started school in Spain the same year I got there and it was really hard because I couldn’t speak not even one single word in Spanish, even though my parents will put me and my brothers every single day videos to listen and to be learning the language it was very hard I promise, so because of that my first year of starting school they told me that I have to repeat class because of the struggle of the language, so they did repeat me , but by the following year I already knew almost some of the words in Spanish so it was easy to express my self. So I did move forward in my school, the grades in Spain is not the same as ( United Kingdom’s ), because there in the school they’ve got from ( 1-6 ) and then after that you move to ( E.S.O Instituto ), that’s like High school and it has from ( 1 E.S.O - 4 E.S.O ), it’s pretty cool, so basically in my years of being in Spain I did repeat 4 times in total with school and High school, the worst part of the years was when they were going to give out the grades, because your tutor will always say something bad to your parents so that they can punish you, besides the grades in Spain, they give it every end of terms, so that means you will be punished every single term if you haven’t passed your final tests. My time in Spain was the best, because I have never worked, apart that in Spain is very hard for an underage to get job if it’s not in the farm or ( Greenhouse), my dad was the first one of my family to move to England in 2014, he then find a house in Coventry and my brothers and I moved there in March ( 2016 ), my first year moving here was a bit weird because It was a bit hard to catch the English accent unless you hear it very well, I went to college in ( City College Coventry ), I wanted to study Sports Management because I want to become a Coach in Sports, but unfortunately they told me that the course was full so I couldn’t join in until the following year, so they gave the option of studying ( Public Services ), because they do a lot of exercise and besides I wanted to play Football so that was the best option, so I did study ( Public Services LV1 and LV2 ), I had a very good qualifications , because I was the best in my class, due to I was the first in everything even at the Military ground that we went to do our practical test. The following year I got scouted by a team in London called ( London Football College ), because as I mentioned before I play football as-well, so I came to London in 2017, and I was leaving in a Motel for 7 months, in ( London Football College ) I studied ( BTEC SPORT LV2 and LV3 ), I did pass my subject and got my qualifications, and I even won 3 times the fastest player in our league for a whole season, I then finished my studies in 2018 when I should have been signed by a Professional football team, but the World cup started so everything was delayed and by when it was over my contract was expired, so I then started working for Burger King in waterloo , it was hard but in life if you don’t hustle, you won’t eat, so I had to do everything that I think was the best for me to do , so that I can survive, in most of the times of my time here in London it’s been very difficult to leave very well because of my financial situation, but I always put my trust in GOD, because he gives and he takes. My dream has always been to become a professional Artist, while seeing ( Chris Brown, Asap Rocky, Tyga, Travis Scott and more ), I told my self that I have to start my own journey and will make sure that it goes as I say. I started making music Professionally back in October 2020, during Covid, that’s when I started putting in work to bring every great thing out of me, I first got involved with the music because, my previous friend and previous song partner ( Kwabz J ), was going to his studio to make a track and he needed someone to jump on it, so he asked me if I was interested in doing it?, I had a deep thought about it and that’s when I decided, because apart from that he prepared me to sing the chorus, but I put it my on my own style and I came with my own solo in less than 20 minutes of session. So I enjoyed the session and once I got home I started making my own deep researches on the music industry. My favourite thing about making music is, because you can tell your story and motivate others by sending the message thru it, and because you can write your own tracks knowing how you feel about the beat. I actually don’t compare myself to any artist, such as I’m not as good as anyone or anyone is better than me, because at the end of the day we’ve all got that special thing in us that make us unique. And I pray that one day I will be sitting next to some of my biggest heroes in the music industry, and I’ve got the hope that it will happen soon.

Career Goals | Objectives:

To get signed by a good company and sell more records

Music Education | Training | Qualifications:


Musical Instruments | Studio Equipment:

I don’t use any music equipment

Influences | Sounds Like:

Travis Scott and 6ix9ine

Live Performance History | Residencies | Touring Experience:

Yess, in clubs, and I’ve done 4 shows





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