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Music Auditions: Damson Bonfire - Singer Songwriter - Yorkshire, UK | Music Discovery XO




04-09-2022 20:34 GMT

Damson Bonfire

Yorkshire, UK

Current Score: ★★★☆☆ ☆☆

Musical Instruments | Studio Equipment:

Keyboard,Guitar, Computer

Influences | Sounds Like:

People have said Billie Holiday, Norah Jones, Kate Bush,Once Amy Winehouse


i Love, love writing, composing, being creative, making demos. Won a BBC Song Competition with 'Beer Sweet, Beer Rich Midlands Town', was performed by Jim Moray on BBC Radio Show. At a writing workshop with the late Aeronwy Thomas, Dylan Thomas's Daughter, I wrote, performed on the spot, she asked me to contact her for poss theatre work; but we moved away and Aeronway sadly died. Carried on writing, have had some short music dramas performed few times in York at York City Screen Basement Theatre, and performed myself at a couple of pubs in York, solo or with my guitarist. Also have plays and sell downloads on Deezer and Spotify; written lyrics or music for other singers, lyricists; and was chosen as one of six singer songwriters, only one in UK, by producer Cortez Farris who promised a contract that never arrived. re-Pandemic, as for everyone, played havoc, guitarist closed his studio, we moved again, and mainly writing tracks and some work for charity of poss film themes. Also came Runner up in International Song Contest Adult unique with 'Not Open For Business'. Mr Cocaine a collaboration got to No 3,4, 6 in Broadjam Rock Charts twice in different years, and a Spiritual Track 'Long Road To Dreams' got to No 5,6,,8 in Broadjam Blues Traditional Charts. Have climbed the Weissmies in the Swiss Alps with Climbing Club years ago and cycled 100Km. Won River Cottage Preserve of The Year Competition too. Dirty habits, all gone and reformed, I hope. What I don’t like? Loathe bullying, violence against, and killing of innocent people, especially children and vulnerable people. Also unfairness and injustice. What i will always love and like is my wonderful brave children and husband, entertaining them and making them crack-up without meaning to; being creative with words, moods, ideas, vignettes, making up recipes, snuggling-up watching films. Coming home, driving through the night from former gigs, some private parties. Are you excited yet? I really could make your hair curl, but I won't!

Career Goals | Objectives:

Song-writing, recording for downloads, writing short musical drama, making short video films of songs

Music Education | Training | Qualifications:


Live Performance History | Residencies | Touring Experience:

Very Ocassionally, now mainly Internet Downloads





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