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Music Auditions: Bonsche - Dance - Norderstedt, Germany | Music Discovery XO


21-06-2021 19:11 GMT

Dance Music Artist
Norderstedt, Germany

Current Score: ★★☆☆☆ ☆☆


I am a music producer and audio engineer from Norderstedt/Germany. I am running my own studio, using Ableton Live 10 and gear from Adam Audio, Behringer, Beyerdynamic, Waves, Rob Papen a.s.o. I am creating EDM using several synths, samples and own recordings and also doing mixing and mastering by myself as also the cover art. My music runs on 122-131 bpm and is focused on strong beats, drums & bass, several voice samples and synth lines as ear candy and also electric and acoustic guitar. I raised up in a very musical family, so I started playing piano at the age of three and guitar at the age of nine. At the age of 16 I formed my first band with four school mates, where I sang and played lead guitar and keyboard. Meanwhile I also formed a multitrack project with my best mate, composing own music and playing several instruments. After playing in several bands through the years, the demands of my job as an audio engineer for film and television raised, so I quit my band projects and started a solo project. In 2013 I was able to afford building up my own studio and started recording my first solo project as “bonsche”. Since then I released music every few months which you can listen to entirely on Soundcloud and Spotify.

Music Education | Training | Qualifications:

School, examination in music, after that I played in several bands, lead guitar, keyboard, vocals

Musical Instruments | Studio Equipment:

Ableton Live Suite 11, Behringer hardware, Plugins: Waves, Plugin Alliance, Izotope, SPL, BOZ, Klanghelm, Mastering the Mix, Rob Papen, SSL, Voxengo (all full packages); Taylor acoustic guitar 214ce, Fender Stratocaster, Marshall Amp, Duke Master F acoustic guitar, Adam A7x monitor speaker + Adam Sub 8, Alesis V49. My ears. (My profession is audio engineer).

Influences | Sounds Like:

Influences: Yello, Kraftwerk, The Fixx, Mike Oldfield, Serge Blenner, Jean Michel Jarre I do not know, whether my music fits in a special genre, check my Soundcloud profile and several tracks and you know what I mean ;-))




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