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Music Auditions: Elizmi Haze - R&B - Kent, UK | Music Discovery XO


21-10-2020 23:59 GMT

Elizmi Haze
R&B Music Artist
Kent, UK


Elizmi has fire, she proves every day, she’s more than what she was made to feel of herself from an early age. Determined to inspire listeners to pursue their dreams borne from her child hood pain and exclusion, bullied and abused she’s never stopped reaching for her goals. With such a spontaneous energy that defines her astounding emotional vocals that compliment her daring and sometimes painful lyrics drawn from her life experiences. Her personality is easily transported from stage to studio, she combines her technical abilities with her natural tone and a knack for a hook, her powerful raps leaves the listeners hooked to her flow. With her debut single Tallest Hill (2016) especially written by Elizmi for her debut UK stage performance at the Beverley Knight Concert in Kent. She was at the age of 17, performing and meeting with some wonderful celebrities such as Kenny Thomas, Lamar, and Rough copy. With this epic beginning she has gone on to have gained a Music Award for song writing and one for her performance of the same track. She has also had five tracks played on BBC1Xtra and the introducing platform, and two in The PR 100 chart (getting to number 1 and 3). Last year Elizmi was able to tour around the UK, and did several mini school tours where she went to sing and talk about bullying. Since lockdown Elizmi has been writing for her debut Album, tone released next year. Her latest track I Don't Care is from that album. Her EPK tells you all about it. http://www.elizmi.com

Career Goals | Objectives:

More fans, more gigs and sell more.

Music Education | Training | Qualifications:

Music Diploma, Musical Theatre Diploma. Canterbury Christ church College, Canterbury.

Musical Instruments | Studio Equipment:

My Voice, my Mac, logic and my note book. For performing, I have my own equipment but I can perform without it, Only now-days I do like to have my own mic.

Influences | Sounds Like:

I have been compared to Dua Lipa voice wise, my music is a mixture of many different influences. I do not like to compare myself to other artists as I feel and hope I have my own sound. I have an urban pop sound with A lot of R&B influence I call it (versatile R&B). I would like to be in the same category as The Weekend, Khelani, Dua Lipa and Khaild.

Live Performance History | Residencies | Touring Experience:

Over the last 12 months is not typical because of the lockdown. But since September last year I have sung live 18 times. last year I worked every weekend, plus some weekday charity gigs.





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