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Music Auditions: Pyha Alkemia - Folk - Simo, Finland | Music Discovery XO


20-07-2020 14:15 GMT

Pyha Alkemia
Folk Music Artist
Simo, Finland


I am finnish shamanistic voice- healer and medium. I work with healing energies, spirits and healing forces of nature. I live in southern Lappland. We work with healing groups in Finland. My music sounds like old traditional ancient finnish music. I have been studying shamanistic healing music with Amazon Indigneous traditional people. This music is received from our finnish ancestors. As a medium and shaman I have connection with spiritual worlds and "They" have been giving these melodies and words for me during our shamanistic sessions. Now I would like to spread these healing sounds all over the world. My live recordings have been going over Europe, Brazil and Mexico, where they have been used as healing sounds during meditation and healing sessions. I make my own drums and many instruments. I like to play traditional finnish instruments like shaman drums, accordion and Kantele.

Career Goals | Objectives:

To get signed / to get more fans / to sell more records / find a manager

Musical Instruments | Studio Equipment:

I play shamanistic drums, Rattle, Accordion, finnish instrument Kantele and other shamanistic instruments. We make our recordings with FL studio. Usually when we perform, we have 1-10 people singing with us and playing different instruments. We are finnish traditional shamanistic sound healing group.

Influences | Sounds Like:

Professional people in Finland say that my music sounds like 1800 -century and earlier traditional finnish music. There is influence from Amazon Indigenous native music.





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