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Music Auditions: IzumRUd band - Classical - Yekaterinburg, Russia | Music Discovery XO


25-05-2020 19:26 GMT

Music Audition. Discover Classical music, stream free and download songs & albums, watch music videos and explore Yekaterinburg's independent/emerging music scene with IzumRUd band
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IzumRUd band
Classical Music Band
Yekaterinburg, Russia


The IzumRUd band exists as a professional band since 1995 in Sverdlovsk State Academic Musical Comedy Theatre, Yekaterinburg city. In the past few years, the band has earned a reputation as one of Russia’s major musical innovators. IzumRUd band managed to do what seemed to be impossible - to change the general public’s perception of Russian folk instruments. Its music is an aesthetic blend of classic, ethnic, jazz, blues and art rock styles. The band’s repertoire includes both original songs as well as covers of masterpieces of world music of different epochs, styles and genres. All compositions of the band are written by the drummer of the band Evgeny Khanchin in collaboration with rest of the band. The musicians performed solo programs in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Paris, Madrid, Tel Aviv, Budapest, San Sebastian, and Genova, and participated in various musical festivals around Europe and Asia. In 2006 IzumRUd band founded an International Festival of World Music “The Emerald City." The Festival is held annually as a creative laboratory for musicians from all over the world. The band has created many fascinating joint projects during the Festival, including "The Emerald Blues" - with a soul singer Denise Perrier (US), "A Freezing Cowboy" - with a 7-time "Grammy" awardee, saxophonist Paul Winter (US), "Bon Jour" – a program with «Mezcal Jazz Unit" (France) and others. Another highlight of the band’s career was their cooperation with the famous Russian rock band CHAIF that resulted in a joint album "The Emerald Hits", as well as concerts in the Red Square & Olympic Hall in Moscow and at the October Concert Hall in St. Petersburg. “…The IZUMRUD musicians create unique, original compositions with their unusual instruments. It was very interesting to work with them.” - Paul Winter "I never expected to hear this amazing sound of American jazz performed on Russian folk instruments. I could not believe my ears...! » - Denis Perrier

Career Goals | Objectives:

to book more gigs, to find a manager

Music Education | Training | Qualifications:

All musicians of IzumRUd band are graduated from the Ural State Concervatory

Musical Instruments | Studio Equipment:

PA: any 2- OR 3-way system in good condition and not less than 1kWt RMS per each 100 spectators MONITORS: 5 wedges not less than 250Wt RMS from good manufacturer – Nexo, JBL, EAW, Meyer Sound etc. Monitor lines : 1 – front line – 2 wedges 2 – drums 3 – double bass 4 – side fills Each line would be equipped with 1/3 octave equaliser; Microphones & other : - Drumset (On your discretion) - two mic boom stands with mic holders for own mics - double-bass combo - DI for double-bass -Xylophone DRUMS: Drum riser with rug. Drums Yamaha, Bradley,Tama: • Kick Drum 20’-22’ with pedal; • Snare drum 14’; • Rack toms 12’ & 14’; • Floor tom 16’ • Hi Hat stand; • 3 stands for cymbals; • Drum throne; • Set of cymbals – Hi Hat, two crashes & ride; Also we need 4 good chairs for musicians.

Influences | Sounds Like:

Paul Winter Consort, DakhaBrakha, BadBadNotGood





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